About CMS

Our Company

CMS has three divisions - Construction, Project Management and Fire Safety. All divisions offer a complete service with expert personnel working closely with our clients.


The CMS divisions work independently and together depending on the project at hand. Our understanding of all processes enables us to provide the most productive, time efficient and effective solutions.


Since our establishment in 1991, CMS has earned an enviable reputation for developing the highest levels of business practice. Winner of the 2006 Master Builders Excellence for Construction Award, CMS is committed to achieving outstanding workmanship and delivering the best client outcomes for each and every project.



Our Culture

CMS is driven by your specific needs and high expectations. Our attention to detail ensures that our understanding is yours. We believe in doing things right the first time in order to make every project run smoothly and efficiently.


Our clients achieve the best outcomes by harnessing our experience, innovation and expertise, so we can develop a tailored solution to reach their goals. Our honest and transparent approach is often commended and continues to form the base on which our client partnerships are built.



Our People

The personnel of CMS have extensive and diverse experience in design, construction, engineering, project management, commercial maintenance, fire safety, occupational health and safety, building and fire certification and business administration disciplines.


Stability in a working relationship is critical to a successful project. CMS ensures that the people you deal with at the beginning of the project are the people you deal with for the duration of the project until completion.


CMS also appoints contract staff on an as need basis to ensure all project deadlines are met. Additional staff are specially selected for particular projects.


David Lavings, Managing Director of CMS, overseas all aspects of the Company's operations. Each project is assigned to a particular team however David is actively involved in each and every project. David has designed and built over 100 buildings over the last 25 years ranging from $100,000 to 30 million. These buildings include Clubs, Industrial, Recreational, Residential Aged Care Facilities and Commercial Offices.


David Lavings is the Director and founder of CMS, with Civil Engineering, Building and Business qualifications, David is actively involved in each project. David has extensive Design and Construct experience and Services Design Co-ordination including fire services. With over 25 years' experience, David has a Project Managed the design and construction of multi-million dollar projects of over 100 buildings. Buildings include Educational, Recreational, Gaming Facilities, Aged Care, Hospitality, Commercial and Industrial.



Our Insurance

CMS holds comprehensive insurance coverage for Professional Indemnity ($10,000,000), Public Liability and Contract Works. Any additional coverage required over and above that specified could be arranged upon request.