CMS Fire Safety

Fire safety is an integral component of any business. In today’s market, as client awareness grows, fire safety upgrades are becoming more prevalent. The upgrades undertaken by CMS Fire Safety include commercial, industrial, retail, health care, child care, hospitality and educational buildings.


CMS Fire Safety is adept in all aspects of fire safety:

  • Annual Fire Safety Statements
  • Project managing fire orders
  • Tendering on service contracts
  • Fire safety upgrades including preparation of specifications
  • Passive fire inspections, reporting and rectification


Annual Fire Safety Statements - AFSS

The preparation of an Annual Fire Safety Statement is a legal requirement. It is both time consuming and complicated. Statutory requirements are constantly being changed, amended and improved. At CMS Fire Safety we keep abreast of these changes to ensure you are getting the most up to date regulatory information and service.

CMS Fire Safety has over 20 years' experience in coordinating Annual Fire Safety Statements and has developed a unique service to assist property owners and managers with coordination and management of annual certification.


CMS will work with your current service contractors to ensure that all testing and inspections are carried out, including arranging fire trip tests. We inspect and certify the fire safety measures that you do not have contracts for, including engineered or alternative solutions.