Sydney University

Sports & Aquatic Centre

Head Contractor

Roof replacement and Mechanical Upgrade

SUSAC appointed CMS to design and refurbish their aquatic centre. The key elements to the project were to replace or repair the deteriorated aluminium roof, design an air conditioning system within the pool area to remove the chlorinated air and supply fresh air, and refurbish the pool filtration system.

The main challenges were keeping the pool open for their Olympians, Joiner swim programs and Public to use whilst refurbishment took place, and design of the air conditioning system. Installing a movable aluminium scaffold with bridging over the pool was a solution to keep the centre open. There were specific time allocations every day for the use of the pool, construction, clean up and filtration.

The design of the air conditioning system was innovative with plant and equipment sourced from around the world. The design supplied fresh air keeping the whole centre at a constant temperature all year round with a heat recovery system that captured the rising hot air and utilised boilers to reheat the pool and hot water for the amenities.

This amazing and state of the art project was the 2006 winner of the NSW Master Builders Award for Best Commercial Refurbishment/Renovation/Extension up to $5 Million.

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