Thirty-Three Storey Commercial Tower, Hotel & Carpark

Head Contractor

Mechanical Upgrade

As a result of years of upgrades and old equipment, the stair pressurisation in this tower no longer complied with current fire safety measures. CMS alerted the owner’s corporation to this during the course of preparing the Annual Fire Safety Statement for council submission. This required the installation of a totally new system or an alternative solution.

The challenge was to come up with an effective design and program that satisfied all stake holders including the client and council.
CMS worked with the design team to come up with an innovative and unique solution in utilising the existing kitchen exhaust ducts, plantrooms and risers to fire engineer a solution for the stair pressurisation.

This project was undertaken during COVID and the hotel was occupied by flight crews from around the world, arriving and departing at all times during the day and night. Works were completed around the clock to minimise downtime for the hotel. Programming noisy works in certain hours on certain floors, to avoid disrupting hotel guests, was the biggest challenge for the project. Completing the project on time and on budget is a testament to the CMS team.

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